Format and Manipulate Numbers with Numeral.js

Often it is required that numbers are displayed in a formatted way, such as adding comma separation in long numeric values, plain old numbers with decimal places, percentages and so on. JavaScript doesn’t come with vast formatting options like most other high level languages. I recently found out about Numeral.js, a JavaScript library for formatting … Continue reading Format and Manipulate Numbers with Numeral.js

The Beginner’s Guide to Web Storage API and Related Tools

Web Storage is a software method and protocol used for storing data in a web browser. It is similar to HTTP session cookies, for storing name-value pairs on the client side, but with a greatly enhanced capacity. The web storage offers storage capacity between 2MB and 10 MB depending on the browser. Check the detailed … Continue reading The Beginner’s Guide to Web Storage API and Related Tools

Introduction to Anime.js

JavaScript animation has been around for a while. There is a wide choice of JavaScript animation libraries for you to try out. Among the group, Anime.js has been gaining some significant popularity. If you’re not familiar with it, I hope this article will get you started with this lightweight and flexible animation library. This library … Continue reading Introduction to Anime.js

JavaScript’s Dates are fun with Moment.js

Date manipulation is incredibly common in most of the applications. It is one of those development hurdles that we all must deal at some point in our career. We have several tools for manipulating dates in JavaScript. Moment.js is one of those tools for JavaScript development. It makes dates and times easy to format, parse, … Continue reading JavaScript’s Dates are fun with Moment.js

Sealing JavaScript Objects using Object.seal()

JavaScript provides a method Object.seal() which seals an object, preventing new properties from being added to it and marking all existing properties as non-configurable. Values of existing properties can still be changed if they are writable. Let’s see an example: var employee = { name: "John Doe", role: "Developer" }; Object.seal(employee); (function() { "use strict"; … Continue reading Sealing JavaScript Objects using Object.seal()

Freezing JavaScript objects with Object.freeze()

In JavaScript, objects are used to store keyed collections of various data and more complex entities. Objects penetrate almost every aspect of the JavaScript language. The object might be accessed as global or passed as an argument. Functions that have access to the object can modify the object, whether intentionally or accidentally. To prevent modification … Continue reading Freezing JavaScript objects with Object.freeze()

Top 5 jQuery Plugins for Tree View

Tree view is a tree-like representation of data. It is ideal for some of the web applications as it allows users to navigate to the information easily and quickly. There are several jQuery plugins available for tree view. I am going to list some of them in this article. jsTree jsTree is a jQuery plugin, … Continue reading Top 5 jQuery Plugins for Tree View