My first experience with Git and GitHub

Recently, I was asked by a company to do a tiny task, so that they could get an insight into my coding skills. The task was to create a tiny app using AngularJS. After giving some thoughts on whether to do the task or not, I decided to do it as it would give me hands on experience with Git and GitHub. Although I have 7 years of coding experience and had created my account on GitHub a while ago, I had never actually worked with Git and GitHub.

Prior to creating a repository in GitHub, I worked on this tiny task in Eclipse IDE. I was not clear on how to work with SourceTree and GitHub together, so I read some articles and tutorials. First, I created a repository in GitHub and cloned that repository in SourceTree. Then I copied files that I wanted to commit to the cloned repository. Once, I had the files ready in SourceTree, I could easily commit and push the changes to GitHub. Once I completed this, I had a little sense of accomplishment 🙂

Within the next couple of days, some people looked at it and repository was cloned by a unique visitor. This was likely by the company who gave the task. I see a big pulse on 01/10.


Now on to my task, I created a simple Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator app using AngularJs and you can find my project here.


Overall, my first experience went well with Git and GitHub. I am not sure if my coding skills will satisfy the company, but I am now excited to contribute more on GitHub!